Statement Recognizing the 20th Anniversary of the African Union

Congratulations to the African Union (AU) on the conclusion of a successful Summit! The United States recognizes President Tshisekedi’s leadership over the last year and welcomes President Sall’s tenure at the helm of the Assembly.

This year marks twenty years since the founding of the AU and nearly seventy years since its predecessor, the Organization for African Unity, was established. Since its first meeting in 2002, the AU has been dedicated to promoting the unity and solidarity of African nations and addressing issues of peace and security, health, and trade that affect citizens across the Continent. Throughout that time, the United States has been a steadfast partner to our friends at the AU.

Fifteen years ago, the United States became the first non-African country to establish a Mission dedicated to engaging with the AU.  The U.S. Mission to the AU, or USAU, is proud to support the vital work of the AU, working with its dedicated officials and Member States.  We work together with AU organs like the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to address health crises, like Ebola and COVID-19, and we partner with the AU Commission on flagship development projects to increase business opportunities for women and youth entrepreneurs across the Continent.  We are proud to be a steadfast and loyal partner with the Continent’s premier convening and decision-making body.

Looking ahead to the next 20 years, USAU remains committed to supporting AU efforts, like Agenda 2063, to create a more integrated, prosperous, and peaceful Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development. We are honored to be a partner to that progress and support all that the AU and the Continent is sure to achieve. As President Biden made clear in his message on the occasion of the AU Summit one year ago, the United States believes in Africa and the entrepreneurship and innovation of its people. We stand with the African Union and enthusiastically celebrate it’s 20th year!